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“Earn as you learn” apprenticeship works for Joshua Morrow

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain work experience whilst developing valuable skills and knowledge. They also offer a means to ‘earn as you learn’.

Cambridge Regional College works with hundreds of local employers, providing apprenticeships across a wide range of industries where people can combine work, training and study to gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to get into their chosen career.

One such success story is Joshua Morrow, a 21-year-old from Cambridge. Joshua attended Comberton Village College secondary school, where he achieved 7 B’s and 3 A’s at GCSE.

He progressed to Comberton Sixth Form where he studied Geography, Physical Education, Human Biology and Psychology at A-Level. However, after 1 year he changed the subjects he was studying to Business, Economics and Psychology, a choice that would prove crucial in his future career path.

He realised he wanted to work within a business environment and after considering his options, chose the apprenticeship route because he was looking for a more practical way of learning. The idea of ‘learning and earning’ was very attractive to him, providing him with an independence and responsibility that will prove useful throughout his working life.

When asked what influenced his decision-making process, he said “I wanted to do something that would set me apart from other applicants for future jobs, and I believed that gaining valuable experience in a job role whilst learning would give me that.”

After looking at apprenticeship options in his area, Joshua spoke to the Career’s Advisor at Comberton and she recommended the apprenticeship at Domino, saying it would offer him the opportunity to rotate and experience different departments in the business.

“I saw that Domino was a large, successful company and it looked like a great opportunity for me. From my first interaction with Domino through to the interview, everyone I met and spoke to was friendly and helpful and it seemed like a pleasant environment to work in” Joshua reflected.

Joshua enrolled at Cambridge Regional College to start his apprenticeship and quickly found that he really enjoyed studying whilst working.

“It was really motivating to be able to implement what you learn into work situations and to be able to see the results of your efforts. It is hard work, but it involves managing both college and work tasks and projects, which is a valuable skill and it is important to develop this early.

“The quality of the tuition and the support I received from Cambridge Regional College was first class, in particular from my assessor Tina Spark, who encouraged and motivated me throughout my apprenticeship. Everyone who I had contact with at CRC was attentive and responsive to all my requests and without their help I wouldn’t have achieved the things I have so far.”

Joshua was very successful in his studies, completing a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship and was awarded both the Business and Overall Apprentice of the Year for 2018.

Outlining his plans for the future, Joshua said “My apprenticeship experience has been a very positive influence on my future career plans. Whilst completing my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with CRC, I discovered a passion for marketing, specifically digital marketing. Being in different departments throughout my apprenticeship has opened my eyes to career paths that I had never really considered before. I learnt what I enjoyed and what I didn’t so much, which to me was almost as important as gaining the qualification itself.”

Since finishing his Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, Joshua has begun a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with and aims to continue onto a Level 4 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. “I plan to continue with education for as long as I can, and I would like to end up with a Level 6 CIM in Digital Marketing, ideally within the next 5 years”, he said.

Christopher Thorpe, Domino’s UK Marketing Manager, commented. “Josh’s rotation in Domino’s UK sales and service channel has been significantly valuable to both the UK business and to his professional development. Building on the foundation provided by his previous rotations in Estates and Global Marketing, Josh has been able to work diligently on search engine marketing, email promotions and digital content marketing programmes to support business growth. From lead generation campaigns, CRM system processes, through to direct interaction with customers, Josh has proved his capability and potential, as well as the value of his apprenticeship.”

Joshua is a true testament to the benefit of apprenticeships for both employer and employee. Hilary Wright, Group Human Resources Director at Domino, reflected, “Our apprenticeship programme has been hugely successful, especially in enabling young people to gain credible qualifications whilst at work. Our apprentices have all been really engaged with the scheme, participated enthusiastically as a group as well as genuinely contributing in the workplace.”

Joshua’s advice to anyone looking at apprenticeships is to consider them as a serious option to begin their career. “It is a great route into full time employment and the experience you gain will set you apart from other applicants who do not have the experience”, he said. “You will learn valuable job and life skills, such as project and time management, which you will use throughout your career. An apprenticeship gives you confidence and experience, whilst also providing you with the support and guidance needed to begin a successful career.”

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