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Safeguarding at Cambridge Regional College

The college’s commitment to Safeguarding manifests itself every November when learners, staff, the local community and partner agencies come together to draw attention to Safeguarding issues.

Our Safeguarding programmes for the whole year will focus on raising awareness of contemporary issues affecting young people such as drug and alcohol misuse, E-Safety, health, sexuality, racism, disability, anger management, road safety, anti-bullying, PREVENT, personal safety, mental health and relationships.

This year our Safeguarding programmes are starting early. As we welcome new students to the college we would like to raise awareness around safeguarding topics. The prevalence of the use of legal highs by young people has prompted us to embark on an awareness raising campaign for our new and returning students from the onset. Drug Awareness workshops held in September covered the following:

  • Dangers associated with a range of the common type drugs doing the rounds (Ketamine/Cannabis/Ecstasy/Cocaine/Mandy (mdma)…
  • Understanding the wider implications of drugs misuse
  • Basic law in respect of ‘possession and supply offences
  • How to avoid being targeted by local dealers (a term referred to sub-dealing)
  • An awareness of how to avoid substances such as Date Rape Drugs
  • Truths and myths surrounding Legal Highs/Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
  • Where to get confidential help and support

These sessions will be covered in November during Safeguarding Month with more information and advice events. A key highlight will be inspiration talks by a prominent speaker who from his personal experiences presents motivational speeches on the perils of drug and alcohol misuse and the chaos that surrounds the lifestyle. The presentation is designed to raise awareness and stimulate debate amongst learners.

Other events will include displays by the Fire and Rescue and National Road Safety Team, workshops by the Internet Watch Foundation; Personal Safety by the Police Community Safety Team and Healthy Relationships featuring White Ribbon –  Men Against Domestic Violence.

These programmes are designed to support learners to develop social and emotional resilience to be able to handle frustrations better and bounce back from life’s challenges. It is envisaged that students will have a greater understanding of the range of issues and be better informed to make these very important life style choices.


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