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Student Welfare

The Welfare Adviser can help students with a range of issues including finding accommodation, applying for benefits or other financial help, bullying/harassment, course concerns and personal or family/relationship difficulties. The Adviser can give you information and support and can put you in touch with other services or agencies offering appropriate help. The Welfare Adviser can be contacted on 01223 418250.

How Cambridge Regional College supports young carers

We understand being both a young carer and a student can be difficult at times. We’ll do all we can to support and advise you whilst you’re with us.

Young carers look after someone (normally in their family) who has an illness, a disability, mental ill-health or a problem with drugs or alcohol. They might take on caring tasks that an adult would normally do.

This is how we can help you get the best out of your time at college:

  • We can let your tutors know that you care for someone so you don’t have to keep explaining your situation
  • Your tutors will support you to make sure you’re on track to do well on your course
  • Coursework and resources will be available online
  • You will be able to make urgent telephone calls to home
  • Support and advice is confidential
  • We work closely with young carers’ services and can put you in touch with them and other support services.

We have two members of staff who have special responsibility for young carers. They will contact you when you enrol to let you know who they are and can put support in place for you, if you wish.

We respect your privacy and – with your permission – will only share information about you with people who need to know.

To find out more about the support we can offer young carers please contact the Welfare Adviser on 01223 418250

Support for young dads or dads-to-be
By registering with the Welfare Adviser, young dads and dads-to be will be offered additional support and options during their time at College.

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