Cambridge Regional College - Centre of Vocational Excellence


We specialise in teaching vocational courses which focus on employability skills, ensuring that everything you learn here will be of practical use in the workplace. Courses are taught by tutors who are practising experts in their field and work experience is an important part of every programme.

We offer a very wide range of full-time vocational and occupational education and training programmes which lead directly into employment or on to Higher Education. We also offer a many Apprenticeships, which combine further study with employment – and a wage. Most Apprentices attend college one day a week, with the rest of the week spent in the workplace. We strongly recommend these options as the most advantageous routes for the majority of school leavers. Both lead to high levels of qualification – described as full Level 2 and Level 3 programmes – and provide a sound basis for further career development.

In addition we offer an extensive range of Adult Learning programmes, from 10 week leisure classes through to specialist trade qualifications. Our Higher Education programmes provide an affordable alternative to university.

Cambridge Campus Status

The Cambridge Campus is open as normal.

Huntingdon Campus Status

The Huntingdon Campus is open as normal.